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We Either Run with the Pack or We Run to Win!

Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win. (1 Corinthians 9:24, NASB). I am what some might call a “football mom.”  I have four boys who play the sport, and although it doesn’t define our… [Continue Reading]

Make Love AND War!

“Make Love, Not War” is an iconic Vietnam-era slogan that is still used in protests today.  It speaks to our desire to live at peace and to lead quiet lives with those we love. It is also a mutually exclusive statement.  “Making War” is the opposite of “Making Love” in the view of the radicals… [Continue Reading]

Choosing Which Hills to Die On

This week’s posts over at Visionary Womanhood touched on some hot button issues including  current trends in the American evangelical subculture,  higher education, vocation, and living “off the grid.” Unfortunately, there are no debate-ending proof texts on any of these issues that clearly tell us which choices are “the biblical ones.” In her post about college yesterday Natalie Klejwa went… [Continue Reading]

Are We Persecuting Ourselves?

“The serpent is more crafty than any of the beasts of the field. He attacks while retreating, retreating while attacking. He concedes this point, all the while making that point. He is both a tar baby and quicksilver. And we are fools for forgetting it.”–R. C. Sproul, Jr. During my newlywed years my husband and… [Continue Reading]

Raising Sons to Be Men

Our county Chamber of Commerce runs a teen leadership program every year, inducting nominees from each of the local high schools.  This year two home schooled students were also selected, including my oldest son. We were surprised to learn that this group of 30 future community leaders is 2/3 women.  I’m sure those girls worked… [Continue Reading]

The Puritans on Breastfeeding

Our secular history books have falsely taught us that the Puritans were dour faced, uptight, prudish people.  Far from “uptight,” our Puritan forefathers actually preached with candor on topics most present day ministers would blanch at. Puritan pastor William Gouge, writing in the 1600s, included 7 pages about breastfeeding in his treatise on Domestical Duties… [Continue Reading]