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I have been joyfully married to David for 21 amazing years.  I’m living my dream as a homeschooling mother to 5 children, who range in age from toddler through high school.

In 2009 I created the educational website My Audio School, which provides downloadable audio content for Charlotte Mason and Classical homeschoolers–and for anyone who just loves a good audio book!  When I’m not busy teaching, working at home, or spending time with my family I like to read, blog, and add new audios to My Audio School.

I am a writer, editor, and podcaster for the women’s e-zine Mentoring Moments for Christian Women and a contributing writer for Visionary Womanhood. You can also find me blogging at CounterCultural School.




  1. Hi Molly,

    I read a post of yours today at Visionary Womanhood – which brought me right over here to you. I was touched and encouraged as you shared a little bit about your adoption process of your daughter awaiting in China. My husband and I are in the very, very beginnings of doing the same. Adoption is very new to us, and right now we are trying to decide on an Agency. We’ve looked into many and keep coming back to “All God’s Children”. Do you have any recommendations that you yourself would recommend to our family just beginning on this journey? There is so much information out there – our heads just keep spinning. I understand you are very busy mothering and training your little ones. But if you do find the time, I’d love to gather some adoption wisdom from you. :0) Thanks so much. Blessings.

    • Hi Esther,
      We researched several agencies, too. I haven’t heard of All God’s Children. We are using Lifeline Children’s Services, which is a Christian agency. We have LOVED working with them in every regard. I was very nervous about the home study process, but we found our social worker to be helpful and really encouraging. We did not wait long to be matched to a child, thanks to our wonderful Lifeline advocate! We hit a snag in our process due to the Chinese database overhaul–as I referenced in my post, and this is something almost every person adopting from China has dealt with this year in one way or another, regardless of their agency–and it was such a blessing to walk through that trial alongside many other Christians, both staff and other adoptive mothers who I have gotten to know through Lifeline’s facebook group. I know that the staff prays for us daily, and so do many of the other adopting parents, and that support has meant so much, especially during this long wait! I pray the Lord will lead you to the right agency–it is one of the most important decisions along the way, more so than I thought it would be, as it will determine much about the smoothness of your process, how much communication you get, how quickly you are referred to a child, and much more. A few weeks spent praying and researching to find the right agency will yield good fruit later on, so it is time well spent!

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