The Power of Appreciative Words

This guest post was written by my husband, David

“It was really sweet of you to plan this get away!”

 Such lovely words my wife Molly spoke to me as I got dressed this morning!

I think we men long to hear such words from the women in our lives.  They need not be great, flowery oratories.”Thank you” or “It was nice of you” will do.

Appreciative words motivate us, get us going.  Such words tend to have the power to make us want to rise up and slay a dragon or two for our fair maiden.

Of course in this particular case my wife was still asleep and was merely dreaming of my heroic actions.  She had just happened to speak her dream audibly.  I was certainly awake, but she was not.

In her dream, I had only managed to provide the funds for us to go away by selling socks on the side of the road, 24 socks for $12.


Thankfully, my job in real life is certainly more interesting (and probably more lucrative) than that!

Although my heroism was but a dream in this instance, those gentle words of appreciation made me want to find a way to adventurously whisk her off somewhere.

So mind your kind, appreciative words, ladies—or don’t mind them!!!

They may set your husband on a quest to actually live up to them.

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